About Password Armor

Strong passwords are often hard to remember but does that mean that you’re going to lose them forever. Obviously not! With Password Armor’s exceptional features, you can keep all of your passwords secure at one single place. Generate strong passwords with a password generator within this software to prevent break-ins at any event. Also, you can expect a 100% password recovery rate for almost every other social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It simply doesn’t authorize anyone to invade your privacy and always ensures to render the best possible solution for your security concerns. In a nutshell, Password Armor is nothing but a vault that is solely meant to save and protect your passwords from all sorts of identity theft.

About parent company

Password Armor works under the management of IHAsoft.co., a company that strives to adapt to this constantly changing environment by developing highly recommended software and believes in delivering its customers with innovative solutions. Not only this but its development designs are super easy to use and can be run by any individual.

Other products of IHAsoft.co. alongside Password Armor are:

Privacy Protech

Privacy Protech is one of the best identity protection software that features an upgraded detection mechanism and helps identify any hidden traces of your identity, password, and threat. It works by scanning the overall system along with various drives to search for malicious file availability and flags sensitive information detailed within documents. To sum it up, Privacy Protech is an Advance 3 in 1 Privacy Protection Software that ensures to protect your identity, passwords, and defends from ransomware threats.

Driver Armor

Driver Armor is the only armor that everyone needs to have for their device drivers. It scans your device for out-of-date, missing, mismatched drivers to install up-to-date versions safely. The software has the ability to search and update your drivers automatically. Moreover, it incorporates thousands of drivers in its Database and therefore anyone with this software can find his required driver easily.


PopGuard is an all-inclusive ad blocking softwаrе that blocks almost every ad you come across. Its advanced user settings make your browsеr, аpps, gаmеs, аnd instаnt mеssаgеs аbsolutеly аds-frее. The best part is that it filtеrs HTTPS connеctions everywhere on the internet and thereby provides you much faster-browsing experience. All in all, PopGuard lives up to its word of blocking ads.