Password Armor Email Password Recovery

Password Armor allows users to recover lost password and login information from a number of Emails & Email clients. The program's interface is simple: all users have to do is Install, Run & Open the program. It automatically retrieves the lost login and password information, regardless of length, complexity or multi-lingual passwords.

  • Password Armor recovers login and password information from email clients such as Eudora, The Bat! , Becky, IncrediMail, Gmail Notifier, Group Mail Free,PocoMail, Forte Agent, Mail, Ru Agent, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and scribed.
  • Whatever email client has stored your password, Password Armor can retrieve it.
  • Has ability to save retrieved information on text files or to copy it to the clipboard or export it into xls format.
  • Works with any email program and recover passwords from browsers you use.
  • Password Armor uses a simple concept to retrieve forgotten email passwords.

Steps Are Given To Restore Most Used Email's Password;
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It is difficult to remember passwords of each and every account as human memory tends to forget a few things. But, that does not mean accounts cannot be accessed at all. To have access to lost Outlook Express passwords quickly and safely, download this free software.

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