If you’re worried about this issue, don’t panic. Developed by passwordarmor Software, this guide provides Three viable ways to help you unlock your HP laptop if you forget your password.

Method 1: Use a hidden administrator account
Method 2: Use a password reset disk
Method 3: Use a Windows installation disk

Recently, people have their own We pay great attention to computers and security. device. To protect your data from unauthorized access, it is always recommended that users set complex passwords on their computers with a high level of security. Of course, if you’re using an HP laptop, you’ll also need to create that password. Here are some helpful tips for creating a secure password for your
HP laptop.
Create a long enough password (at least 12 characters).

Use different types of letters, including numbers, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters. Do not use dictionary words (or combinations) or simple number combinations such as 123456. Avoid catchy keyboard paths.

It’s true that strong passwords can protect your HP laptop from malicious access, but it’s difficult for most users to remember. You can usually write it down in a notebook or take a picture. Unfortunately, there are still many examples of users forgetting their HP laptop password.

That raises the question. How do I unlock my HP laptop if I forget my password? You can usually use a password reset disk to fix the problem. However, some users may be wondering. How do I reset my HP laptop password without a floppy disk? This is such a frustrating problem if you are using a laptop and need to access the files stored on your laptop. Well, bring your horse. Here are some methods you can use to easily unlock your HP laptop: Let’s look at them one by one.

Method 1: Use a hidden administrator account

As you know, an administrator account has most control over the device and can also manage passwords for another account. Therefore, if you forget the HP laptop password for a particular user account on your HP laptop, you can use another administrator account to reset the password.
If you have an accessible admin account, just log in to that account. Otherwise, you may need to enable the built-in (hidden) administrator account to complete the process. How to reset the password with another account.
Step 1: When the login screen appears, select another account with administrator privileges from the user list and log in to the user account. If desired, you can also press the Shift key five times to quickly activate the built-in administrator account.
Step 2: Open Control Panel and go to User Accounts> User Accounts.
Step 3: Click the Manage Another Account option and select the blocked user account.
Step 4: Click Change Password to see the new interface where you need to create a new password for your locked account. After entering the password and password hint, click the Change Password button to confirm the process.

You can now log out of your current account and log in to your locked account with your new password.

Method 2: Using a Password Reset Disk Creating a password reset disk for your

HP laptop makes your job much easier. Let’s see how to effectively unlock your HP laptop with a simple password reset disk.
Step 1: Connect the password reset disk you created to your HP laptop.
Step 2: When the login screen appears, enter the wrong password and press Enter. Click OK when you are prompted to confirm that the password is incorrect.
Step 3: You will see additional login options below the password text field. Click Reset Password.
Step 4: Then follow the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password and password hint to replace the old password. Click Next, then click the Finish button.

Method 3: Use the Windows installation disc You cannot successfully log in to your
account, so try resetting your HP laptop password using the Windows installation disc instead. For Windows 10 laptops, you can use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to create an installation disc on another computer.

Then insert the installation disc into your HP laptop and follow these steps:
Step 1: Enter the HP boot menu, set bootable media as the primary boot device, and press Enter.
Step 2: When the Windows Setup window appears, specify the settings and click the Next button to continue.
Step 3: Click Repair Computer to enter the recovery environment.
Step 4: Go to Troubleshoot> Advanced Options> Command Prompt.
Step 5: When the command console pops up, type D: (replace it with the drive letter of the actual drive where Windows is installed) and press Enter.
. Step 6: When the login screen appears, click the Accessibility icon to open another command console. Then type the command net user Amanda admin123 and press Enter.

If you’re worried about this issue, don’t panic. Developed by passwordarmor Software To Solve Problem With Ping passwordarmor.com  +24*7 Call-Us – 18886668539

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