Secure Password is a key to your digital life. Secure Passwords are important because they prevent unauthorized access to your electronic accounts and devices. They also prevent a device and electronic accounts from hacking. A strong and long password makes it very difficult to crack it. So, a complex password provides more security to your account. In this article you’ll get the tips which will help you to secure your password

Importance of a Secure Password:-

  • A Secure Password prevents unauthorized access.
  • A long and complex password will require much more time and effort to break the authentication.
  • A Secure Password prevents the company from a big loss from the hackers.

How to choose a Secure Password

  • Use Ten Characters:- Use at least ten minimum characters in your password. This will make a tricky password.
  • Do not use directly identifiable information:- You should avoid using any personal information in your password.
  • Use a nonsense phrase in your password:- Use long, complex and nonsense phrase in your password. If your phrase and letters are not in the dictionary and grammatically incorrect, they will be harder to crack.
  • Include Numbers, Symbols, And Uppercase And Lowercase Letters:- Randomly mix up numbers and symbols with letters. 
  • Use a unique password for separate accounts:- Using the same password in multiple accounts is dangerous. If someone got access to your first account that means he will automatically have the passwords of your other accounts.
  • Start using a Password Manager:- A Password Manager creates a strong and secure password of your account on your behalf. These passwords are kept in an encrypted, centralized location, which you can access with a master password. Password Manager helps to save your accounts from hackers and also helps to recover your password. 
  • Don’t give your password to anyone:- Make your password safe to keep it to yourself. Don’t give your password to anyone else.
  • Change your password regularly:- Changing password regularly keeps it safe from hacking.


Weak Passwords to avoid:-

  • Do not use sequence numbers (122345) and mobile numbers in your password
  • Do not use your birth date or name in your password.
  • Do not use any simple word in your password. I.e. password@123, weather, computer, etc.
  • Do not use Name of celebrity, e.g., TAYLOR_SWIFT, SALMAN_KHAN
  • Do not use Name of Movie.
  • Never save usernames and passwords in an unencrypted computer file.
  • Do not use passwords that have been used in the past.
  • Run regular virus scans on your computer.

Conclusion:- Hackers mainly focus on taking advantage of authentication to intrude into the network of authorized users. Hence the password has to be strong, long and complex to reduce the possibility of hacking. The Password should not be very simple that is easy to guess. The consequences of hacking includes loss of valuable data such as presentations, emails, confidential information, etc. Hackers can also get bank information, money, or even their identity stolen. Do not share your password with someone else. The benefits of a secure and strong password makes it difficult for hackers to break. A strong key lowers the probability of hacking. Password Managers also help in securing your password.

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