With so many drastic changes in our lifestyles, the year 2020 has brought a lot of positive and negative changes in our lives. Most of our life went online, from going to the office for 9 to 5 jobs we went online and worked from home. This resulted in being online for most of our day, using our various IDs, our so much exposure to the online world pushes us towards online risks. Everything on the internet requires a password. It can be tough to keep track of them all and keep coming up with strong passwords. The disdain for passwords leads to a lot of bad password practices. This includes reusing passwords or keeping them basic. But steps to make passwords easier to remember also makes them easier for hackers to guess. But with Password Armor, you can have the safest and most secured password manager. It gets riskier day by day as there are some people present out there who can take advantage of such situations.

Hackers are taking great advantage of people working online all day long, refer to some of the platforms that were majorly used during the lockdown period, with so many security loopholes no one can have complete security.  Where most of the password managers may leave out many necessary required features, Password Armor covers it all. Password Armor’s focuses on making password management easy and efficient. Password Armor allows you to safely store your passwords at one secure place, access them anytime, anywhere, from any device. With Password Armor, one can safely work without worrying about cybercriminals stealing one’s precious data. Password Armor is untouchable for hackers and cybercriminals, even Password Armor cannot access your personal data saved in your vault. Not only Password Armor helps you to keep your accounts safe by saving your IDs and passwords in one secure place but also helps you generate a strong password to keep each and every account safe and Secure.

How Hackers hack Passwords

To hack one’s password, firstly, a cybercriminal or a hacker usually download a dictionary attack tool, the piece of code will attempt to sign in or log in ordinarily with a rundown of passwords. Hackers regularly distribute passwords after an effective or successful attack. Therefore, it is anything but difficult to track down arrangements of the most widely recognized passwords with a basic Google search.

The hacker will then load the dictionary attack tool with a list of passwords. The tool will aim at each password until finding a match. Now, the attacker can sign in with executive accreditations and introduce indirect access for a future entry. With indirect access set up or a backdoor, the attacker can start installing extra malware and other malicious code that harms your online presence. The speed and achievement of a password hack will differ contingent upon whether it is an offline attack or an online attack. An offline attack permits an attacker to use the full intensity of their gadget, which will vary depending on the attacker’s setup. Next, they will attempt strategies like credential stuffing. The hacker will locate a more custom fitted password list made from passwords taken from past trade-offs or compromises. This is the reason using complex and unique passwords is key to protecting your website.

Using Password Managers like Password Armor

The basic tactic to avoid hackers stealing our passwords is that you shouldn’t keep using things like your favorite’s pet’s name or your birth date as your password. But the positive thing is that making and remembering complex

passwords is not difficult. In fact, it’s very easy to do with a password manager. Password managers take the burden off of creating and storing unique and complex passwords. It is the easiest way to prevent hackers from guessing your credentials. 

Password Managers like Password Armor generate unique, complex passwords and saves them in a secure vault. You can then use a browser extension and mobile app to auto-fill usernames and passwords. It makes keeping your passwords secure much easier. It ensures your digital safety and acts as the digital keys of your online accounts. When Password Armor is by your side there’s no need to worry about cybercrimes. Stay online Stay safe!

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