How to Reset Hotmail Password in Android?

People now frequently use Gmail because it is convenient and is still connected to other Google services. But it didn’t take long for people to start creating If you continue to use your Hotmail account because it is linked to numerous websites and you have shared it with your employer or clients. What happens, though, if you forget the password? How do you get your How to Reset Hotmail Password in Android back if you’ve forgotten it? Microsoft updated Hotmail to improve the usability of the user interface. Users have more control over how they manage their emails with the brand-new Outlook, which is smoother and more effective. If you are looking for Hotmail Password recovery tool you are on the right page.

What precisely do you need to do, and how can Password Armor help?

The first thing you should do is recover it using the authorized techniques listed below. Of course! Out of all the email service providers that are available, Hotmail is one of the most dependable. Even a well-known email service is susceptible to occasional errors brought on by user error or technical problems. Technical issues are frequent with Hotmail. Hotmail users must also encounter a variety of issues from time to time. Passwords are easy to remember, making it possible for you to change them frequently without worrying about forgetting them. In this manner, you shield yourself from security risks. Install Password Armor right away to quickly and easily recover your Hotmail account. Stop searching for a Hotmail password cracker as you have got Password Armor.

How can your Hotmail password be restored using legitimate methods if it is lost or forgotten?

Approach 1

Have you encountered any issues logging into your account? Even though you are certain that your password is accurate and the system insists that it does not match your email account

1.    Make sure you have spelled your email address correctly.

2.    Caps Lock must be disabled before trying again.

It’s probably time to change your password if you’ve tried both and are still unable to log into your account. You can alter your Hotmail password using one of two methods:

1.    Via email When setting up your email account, you were likely asked to enter a recovery email address. If you have a verification code, you can ask Microsoft to send it to you to begin the password reset procedure. The most secure method is the one that requires you to have a backup email setup.

2.    You’ll need to set this up, just like the recovery email address, by responding to the security question. If you can correctly answer the question, this is the simplest method for resetting your password because everything is done in the same frame.

Windows/iOS Approach 2

1.    First, visit Once the web page has loaded, click “Can’t access your account?” which should be located below the Sign-in button.

2.    You will be directed to the “Why are you having trouble signing in?” window. After choosing the I forgot my password option, click Next.

3.    Fill out the Microsoft account field with your Hotmail email address and the right characters for the Captcha verification. then choose Next.

4.    Choose the verification strategy that best suits you. The link to the password recovery page and one of the numerous methods for recovering your Hotmail password will be sent to you.

5.    If you selected the I don’t use this anymore option, you must complete a brief form to obtain your password. These basic details will demonstrate that you are the account’s legitimate owner.

6.    When finished, the following submission confirmation window should appear:

7.    Depending on how accurate your submission was, Microsoft may or may not send you a reply via email.

8.    If you are successful, you will receive a code for account recovery. Enter the recovery code in the relevant field. It is necessary to click the Use Recovery Code button.

9.    Continue with recovering your Hotmail password process.

 Approach 3 Android App

1.    Download and install the Outlook application from the play store.

2.    Open the application and click on Add Account.

3.    Enter your email and then choose to continue.

4.    Now click on Forgot Password.

5.    Now chose the verification method email or phone.

6.    Enter the code received by email/phone.

7.    Click on next and enter a new password then re-enter it to confirm.

As you can see, it’s very easy to retrieve lost or forgotten Hotmail passwords. However, for Microsoft to be able to successfully retrieve it and make the process much simpler, you will need to provide them with as much information as you can. To ensure that you can quickly recover a lost or forgotten Hotmail password, adhere to the instructions above.

How is it recovered by Password Armor?

How is it recovered by Password Armor

Because it can remember multiple accounts, & passwords. Password Armor is essential software. Additionally, you won’t need to worry if you lost or forgot your Hotmail password. How do you get your Hotmail password back if you’ve forgotten it? Because Password Armor securely saves your password using end-to-end encryption, you could easily recover it if you lost it.

Due to the worry of forgetting or losing the password, many tech experts and authorities have advised that one should always change their account password and make it complex each time. Because we don’t do this, we are open to cyberattacks. However, if you use Password Armor, you can change it multiple times and easily recover it if you forgot/lost it. Simply click here to download the official password armor software.

Open the downloaded file, then choose the desired location for the software installation. Then, simply follow the simple instructions on your screen to take advantage of Password Armor’s service. That’s all for now. If you have successfully restored your account using the methods above. Install Password Armor nonetheless to prevent future inconveniences. Add your passwords for all accounts and keep changing often to avoid cyber threats and improve security. And stay safe from losing the password as Password Armor can recover it within clicks.




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